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Submitted by anonymous on Dec 06, 2018 at 19:49
Language: Kotlin. Code size: 570 Bytes.

class Foo
fun Foo0, p1: Foo1, p2: Foo2): Bar {
val ref = Foo::foo
// kotlin.jvm.functions.Function4<Foo, Foo0, Foo1, Foo2, Bar>
// Human readable type: (Foo, Foo0, Foo1, Foo2) -> Bar
// takes 4 parameters, with receiver as first and actual parameters following, in their order
// this function can't be called like an extension function, though
val ref = Foo::foo
Foo().ref(Foo0(), Foo1(), Foo2()) // compile error
class Bar {
fun bar()
print(Bar::bar) // works on member functions, too.

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