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contract Fundraiser {
    address public owner;
    //target fundraising value
    uint public target;
    //time that fundraiser ends
    uint public endTime;
    //list of contributors
    Contributor[] contributors;
    struct Contributor{
        address userAddress;
        uint contribution;
    function constructor(uint _target, uint duration) public payable {
     owner = msg.sender;
     target = _target;
     endTime = now + duration;
    function contribute() public payable {
     //require that fundraiser hasn't ended yet
     require(now < endTime);
     //add to list of contributors
    function collect() public{
     //once target has been reached, owner can collect funds
     require(address(this).balance >= target);
     require(msg.sender == owner);
    function refund() public{
     //allow refunds once time has ended if goal hasn't been met
     require(now > endTime);
     require(address(this).balance < target);
     //refund all contributors
     for(uint i; i<contributors.length;i++) {
    function balance() public view returns(uint){
      return address(this).balance;

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