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open-tamil typographical error correction


Submitted by anonymous on Aug 21, 2019 at 10:10
Language: Python. Code size: 1.9 kB.

# explore all edit distances - i.e. len(word_in) or only upto value in ed.
# we can restrict the edit distance search to any value from [1-N]
def oridam_generate_patterns(word_in,cm,ed=1,level=0,pos=0,candidates=None):
    """ ed = 1 by default, pos - internal variable for algorithm """
    alternates = cm.get(word_in[pos],[])
    if not candidates:
        candidates = []
    assert ed <= len(word_in), 'edit distance has to be comparable to word size [ins/del not explored]'
    if (pos >len(word_in)) or ed == 0:
        return candidates
    pfx = ''
    sfx = ''
    curr_candidates = []
    for p in range(0,pos):
        pfx = pfx + word_in[p]
    for p in range(pos+1,len(word_in)):
        sfx = sfx + word_in[p]
    for alt in alternates:
        word_alt = pfx + alt + sfx
        if not (word_alt in candidates):
            candidates.append( word_alt )
            curr_candidates.append( word_alt )
    for n_pos in range(pos,len(word_in)):
        # already what we have ' candidates ' of this round are edit-distance 1
        for word in curr_candidates:
    if level == 0:
        for n_pos in range(pos,len(word_in)):
            oridam_generate_patterns(word_in,cm,ed, level+1,n_pos,candidates)
    return candidates

def corrections(word_in,dictionary,keyboard_cm,ed=2):
    @input: word_in - input word
         dictionary - dictionary/lexicon
         keyboard_cm - confusion matrix for keyboard in question
    assert isinstance(dictionary,Dictionary)
    candidates = oridam_generate_patterns(word_in,keyboard_cm,ed)
    #TBD: score candidates by n-gram probability of language model occurrence
    #etc. or edit distance from source word etc.
    return list(filter(dictionary.isWord,candidates))

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