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Sub crearIndice()


'PASO 1: Crear o limpiar la hoja Indice


Dim hoja As Worksheet

On Error Resume Next

Set hoja = Worksheets("Indice")

On Error GoTo 0

If hoja Is Nothing Then

    'La hoja Indice no existe - Crearla en primera posición

    Worksheets.Add(Before:=Worksheets(1)).Name = "Indice"


    'La hoja Indice ya existe - Limpiarla


End If

'Insertar título a la hoja Indice

Worksheets("Indice").Range("A1").Value = "Indice"


'PASO 2: Recorrer las hojas creando hipervinculos


Dim fila As Long

Dim vinculoRegreso As String

fila = 2

'Celda donde se colocará el hipervinculo de regreso al indice

vinculoRegreso = "C1"

For Each hoja In Worksheets

    If hoja.Name <> "Indice" Then

        'Crear hipervinculo en hoja Indice

        With Worksheets("Indice")

            .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Cells(fila, 1), _

            Address:="", _

            SubAddress:="'" & hoja.Name & "'!A1", _


        End With


        'Crear hipervinculo en hoja destino hacia Indice

        With hoja

            .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range(vinculoRegreso), _

            Address:="", _

            SubAddress:="Indice!A1", _


        End With

        fila = fila + 1

    End If


End Sub

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