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Submitted by anonymous on Oct 09, 2019 at 04:46
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Option Explicit
Public datapath As String, outpath As String, tsheets As String, jymxxx As String, ryxx As String, zhxx As String
Public d1 As Object, d2 As Object, d3 As Object
Public Sub Main()
Call Initialize
datapath = InputBox("请输入原始数据所在文件夹", "数据源", "X:\原始数据")
outpath = InputBox("请输入分表存放文件夹", "导出位置", "X:\分表")
tsheets = InputBox("请输入总表存放文件夹", "总表位置", "X:\总表.xlsx")
Call FormatTotal
Call GetFiles(datapath)
MsgBox "完毕"
Call DeInitialize
End Sub

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