Interactive terminal/shell sessionsΒΆ

To highlight an interactive terminal or shell session, prefix your code snippet with a specially formatted prompt.

Supported shells with examples are shown below. In each example, prompt parts in brackets [any] represent optional parts of the prompt, and prompt parts without brackets or in parenthesis (any) represent required parts of the prompt.

  • Bash Session (console, shell-session):

    [any@any]$ ls -lh
    [any@any]# ls -lh
    [any@any]% ls -lh
    $ ls -lh
    # ls -lh
    % ls -lh
    > ls -lh
  • MSDOS Session (doscon):

    [any]> dir
    > dir
    More? dir
  • Tcsh Session (tcshcon):

    (any)> ls -lh
    ? ls -lh
  • PowerShell Session (ps1con):

    PS[any]> Get-ChildItem
    PS> Get-ChildItem
    >> Get-ChildItem