Using Pygments with MoinMoinΒΆ

From Pygments 0.7, the source distribution ships a Moin parser plugin that can be used to get Pygments highlighting in Moin wiki pages.

To use it, copy the file external/ from the Pygments distribution to the data/plugin/parser subdirectory of your Moin instance. Edit the options at the top of the file (currently ATTACHMENTS and INLINESTYLES) and rename the file to the name that the parser directive should have. For example, if you name the file, you can get a highlighted Python code sample with this Wiki markup:

#!code python

where python is the Pygments name of the lexer to use.

Additionally, if you set the ATTACHMENTS option to True, Pygments will also be called for all attachments for whose filenames there is no other parser registered.

You are responsible for including CSS rules that will map the Pygments CSS classes to colors. You can output a stylesheet file with pygmentize, put it into the htdocs directory of your Moin instance and then include it in the stylesheets configuration option in the Moin config, e.g.:

stylesheets = [('screen', '/htdocs/pygments.css')]

If you do not want to do that and are willing to accept larger HTML output, you can set the INLINESTYLES option to True.